LH Swim was created for the adventurous woman in mind, the woman that feels an attraction to the mysteries of the sea and recognizes that the sand, the sea mist and the dance of the waves, compliment their existence. Freedom, Quality and Joy identify her.

The brand seeks to break from tradition and elevate the classical styles to a higher standard. Our intention is to surprise you with the designs, details, and colors that will give you a sense of timeless modernism. The quality of the fabrics will provide a unique experience due to the softness that in a way resembles freedom yet feels secure.

The details of the styles invite curiosity, while maintaining clean and feminine. From the seamless finishes to the add-in embroidery and the impeccable fabrics, together provides the level of quality that we guarantee will be synonymous of LH Swim.

LH Swim also promises to focus in the quality of the production whilst maintaining the essence of the core design. The production will be based on demand and will benefit from exclusivity.

Our Vision is to be pioneers in the design of timeless clothing pieces, always keeping in mind the need to responsibly create and be conscious of the availability of natural and human resources.